600 cc saline under muscle through nipple. What is wrong with my right breast? (Photo)

600 cc saline under muscle through nipple. Before ba- between 34-36 a/b I will be four months po April 20. I posted a picture before asking for help ill post it again and post my most recent pictures. Given that I am almost four months po is there any hope for my right breast??

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Unhappy with implant shape

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Thank you for your breast implant question.

  • I am sorry you are unhappy with your result - and it looks as though the problem is your implant size.
  • These are very large implants. 
  • Your chest looks too small to easily accept implants this large.
  • Too large an implant in too small a chest means the implant will irritate tissues, probably form a capsule and force its ways through tissues to find enough room.
  • So I suggest you either return to your plastic surgeon or find a new one 
  • Discuss removing the implants, releasing the internal scar that formed around it, tightening the pocket so the new implants don't shift to the side.
  • If you definitely want to stay this size, it will be difficult (probably impossible) to get the look you want.
  • Best wishes.

Assymetry post aug

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Looking at your photos you have a marked shifting of the left implant laterally and this is due to the tightening and contraction of the capsule pishing the impalnt laterally.Also 600 ccs in a thin patient is a BIG implant and in my experince when you overstiff the berat envelope this can occur quite readily.You should consider palcement of a smaller implant and a capsul;ectomy which is removal of the capsule aroung the existing impalnt.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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What is wrong with my right breast?

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My over the internet guess is the right side is a capsule or you had volume asymmetry before (the right smaller) that was bot adjusted for in your operation... Seek in person opinions ONLY... 

Too large pocket makes plain right breast asymmetry after augmentation

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The photograph when you're lying down shows that the implant falls too farto the side and above.

This is likely caused by a breast implant pocket that is too large and too open in the upper side portion of your chest.  Looking at your immediate postop pictures it appears that this was the case from the beginning.  Please see your plastic surgeon and I agree that a superior pole wrap focused on the right breast primarily may solve the problem.  If not a revision may be necessary.

Breast augmentation

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Your right implant appears high. This could be from malposition or capsular contracture . Wearing a Breast strap on superior right breast for several weeks usually corrects. Your doctor should have one for you.

Mark Prysi, MD
Naples Plastic Surgeon

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