What is Wrong with my Nose Post-op? (photo)

I'm two weeks post-op. My nose seems very crooked. One side looks different than the other (however it was a bit different before surgery too). I had tip lifting and hump reduction with osteotomies. Should I be worried about the crookedness? Does everything look well? Is there a problem? Please, I need your help!

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Asymmetric swelling can make a nose look crooked after rhinoplasty.

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Much early to make a pronouncement about what to expect from the outcome of your operation. It will take several months for the swelling to subside. Try to forget about the way your nose looks for now.

What is Wrong with my Nose Post-op?

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      I do not see anything particularly worrisome at this early date in the healing process.  There is a great deal of swelling still present at 2 weeks, and some of this can lead to asymmetry and the appearance of a crooked nature to the nose.  Also, perfect symmetry cannot be achieved.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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