Can You Tell Me What's Wrong with my Nose? (photo)

Hello, I have noticed in the past 4 years in a strange manner.I have not ever broken or hit my nose,but it's just grwon into a deformed,and strange shape.I am rather self-concious about my nose as i hate it very much.Oh,and also i'm only 16 nearly 17 very soon.Will my nose ever change back to when it was perfect?If not what shall i do?and what's wrong with it?

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Rhinoplasty for Age 17 or Under

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An evaluation of your nose is limited without seeing your other nose views especially your profile view. Based on the photo, your nose is wide in the bridge area and the nasal tip. It is also crooked. I would like recommend a rhinoplasty to narrow and straighten the nose. However, the extent of surgery would depend on your medical history, whether you have a deviated septum or breathing problems and your profile views. You also appear to have thick nasal skin which can impact your results and should be discussed in the context of a more thorough evaluation. I do not think your nose will go back to its previous shape when you were younger. Your surgeon will decide if you are a candidate for rhinoplasty at nearly 17 years of age but if your are emotionally and mentally stable, have realistic expectations and are past your growth spurt, you should be fine.

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