What is Wrong with my Left Eyelid?

I cannot upload a pic. but will try to explain best i can. my left eyelid seems to droop alot more than my right and it is very noticable. i sleep more on my right side, and my right eye looks great. but the left not so much. even my left eyebrow is arched alot higher than my right. what is going on with me? i dont want surgery, but maybe some help in making it less noticable or can i fix it without surgery? maybe sleep on my left side more? please help. thankyou in advance!!!

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Droopy eyelid versus dermatochalasis

 Ptosis occurs when the eyelid muscle becomes weak and  the eyelid margin falls down across the pupil portion of the eye blocking vision, making one high or both eyes look very sleepy. Ptosis repair is done for functional purposes and  involves tightening the muscles   that open the eyelid. Cosmetic blepharoplasty is performed for hooded upper lids that  are blocking patient's vision. This involves removing excess skin and fat on the upper lid

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Surgery is required

You are describing one sided ptosis. If your left eyelid is droopy, your brain will try to compensate by elevating the eyebrow to help you see better.

Changing sleep habits or muscle exercises are not effective in improving the droopy, unfortunately. I would recommend a consultation with an Oculoplastics surgeon. See link below to find a well trained one near you.

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Eyelid that droops

is most likely related to ptosis of the lid and the best solution is surgery... you should notice that your lid crease on that side is also wider and dreamy looking.  Make sure your surgeon understands you need your lid lifted and not just excess skin removed (as in blepharoplasty).

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Upper eyelid ptosis

You are describing unilateral upper eyelid ptosis with forehead muscle compensation.  This condition can be corrected surgically via an upper eyelid incision. 

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Ptosis with brow compensation

It sounds like to have left upper eyelid ptosis and the eyebrow on that side is compensating and trying to lift the droopy eyelid so it is arched higher than the other side. Unfortunately, surgery is the only answer. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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What is Wrong with my Left Eyelid?

I'm sure you understand it is impossible to give a good answer without a photo. But your description is very good and it is most likely you have a condition known as Ptosis of the lid. There are many causes of this but any surgeon with a wide experience in lid reconstruction should be able to correct the problem to your satisfaction.

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What is Wrong with my Left Eyelid?

It does sound from your description that you have an upper eyelid ptosis, a condition where the edge of your eyelid droops down over your pupil. You should seek a consultation with an Oculoplastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon with ptosis repair experience. The reason for this recommendation is that traditional procedures to "open" the eyes or remove lax skin will not remedy a true eyelid ptosis. There are no effective, long-term, non-surgical options to improve ptosis, unfortunately. I hope this information is helpful.

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