11 months post op Breast Augmentation. What is wrong with my left breast? (Photo)

I had a BA 11 months ago. I had 385cc HP round implants placed under the muscle. My left breast healed an odd shape & I had a revision on that breast 6 months ago. This left the breast looking even worse. My surgeon sent me to another surgeon who felt my muscle was the issue & recommended anatomical implants over the muscle, which my surgeon disagreed with & performed another revision on the left breast 4 weeks ago. It still looks weird &the muscle is sore. Any ideas as to why? Thanks!

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It is very difficult to tell based just on these photos.  You need to be examined in person to determine this.  Since you're only 4 weeks after surgery, you should consider waiting to see how things heal.  You may want to get yet another opinion.  Make sure you see a BC PS in your area.

Implant issue

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I am not sure what your issue is.  There may be a muscle issue but it is difficult to say for sure from the photo. At this point you have to let things heal.

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