What is Wrong with my Face? How can I fix my smile? (photo)

I'm not sure if its my nose shape, mouth, or cheek fat that makes me look really bad when I smile. Please give me feedback on how I can fix my smile. How would I fix my mouth because it seems uneven and I hate how I can't fully smile. Also, how would I remove my cheek/jaw fat without surgery? My side profile view of my smile shows the lower cheek fat and I want to get rid of that too! Please provide feedback as to what makes my smile so bad. Thanks

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Plastic surgery for face

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Dear ccjh,

  • I do not think that your smile is that uneven
  • If you want a look like Jennifer Gardner, then removing some buccal fat with cheek augmentation would help accomplish that
  • I would not guarantee that it would make your smile the way you want it, though

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Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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