3 Months Post Breast Augmentation. What is Wrong With My Breasts? (photo)

Hi, i had my BA done 4/19/12 so just about 12 wks post op. I have 400cc under's sillcone i was a 34 A.. My left breast is much higher than my right, they are both soft so i dont think it's CC. Does it still have time to drop or is this pretty much how they will look? Im starting to get really up set because it's even noticeable in tank top and swimsuit's.

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Why Are My Breasts Asymmetric?

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The fact that your breasts are soft is a real plus at this point.  The positioning of your nipples tells me that the left breast was higher pre-operatively.  The good news is there will be a great deal of downward movement of the upper poles of the breasts over the next year.  I have my patients wear ace wraps above the breasts to hasten the lowering of the upper pole after augmentation, and to increase the pressure on the lower pole of the breasts to stretch out the distance from the nipple to the fold at the bottom of the breasts.  When you have one breast higher, you can use an ace wrap just over one breast.  It's amazing how well this will selectively push down the upper pole of that one breast. 

Breast augmentation is an event, but unfortunately the recovery is a process.  Your cleavage looks great, your breasts are soft, and it is early in your recovery.  Give yourself and your breasts time, and ask your plastic surgeon about the ace wrap trick.  It has worked for me and my patients for many years.

3 Months Post Breast Augmentation. What is Wrong With My Breasts?

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Need a before photo posted because I believe your left breast was smaller than your right from the get go. So you needed a larger implant on the left. 

Implants asymmetric after augmentation

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Hi there,

There are a lot of positives in your result, and if the implants are soft, that's good news too.  However:  I don't believe the asymmetry of vertical implant height or the slightly too high position of both implants will correct spontaneously.

I think you'll require a small revision - to expand the lower pole pockets and lower the implants.  

The subpectoral or partially subpectoral plane is at some risk of the lower fibers of the pectoral muscle "pulling up" the implant if they are below the implant meridian due to your anatomy, and I think this is what's happened.

It's no ones fault, and once corrected I think you'll have a superb result.  I suggest you follow up with your ps, in your own time.

Good luck.

Post-op asymmetry

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After submuscular augmentation, the implants typically start high and take about 3 months to drop.  I recommend breast massages to my patients and give them an elastic strap they wear at the top of the breasts to help accelerate the process.  After a month, I have my patients lay on the carpet and put a little pressure on the individual breasts gently stretch out the pocket and muscles.  The technique is important so don't just try it on your own without some proper instructions. Ask your plastic surgeon what he or she recommends. 

Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Some degree of breast asymmetry is very common at this stage. I believe that there still is more time for the breast implants to “drop”; I have seen breast implants continue to “settle” up to one year after the procedure.  I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon for examination and advice.

Best wishes.

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