What is Wrong with my Breasts? What Would You, As a Plastic Surgeon Do to Them? (photo)

Lost 75lbs recently and going to lose another 20 hopefully. My breasts have always been this shape, but obviously fuller. Would you give me an uplift as well as an augmentation to make them the same (they are disproportionate to my hips and thighs)?

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Dissatisfaction with breasts after weight loss.

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First, congrats on the weight loss.  Second, it seems like you have some droopiness to your breast after losing the weight and now you have extra skin.  If you want them lifted, then breast lift alone will make you happy.  In my experience, patients have also lost significant volume in their breasts and really will do better with a breast lift and augmentation.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Breast surgery after weight loss

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FIrst, congratulations on your weight loss! Second, you look much better than most patients who have lost that much weight! This is a good sign in terms of whether you will require mastopexy in addition to an augmentation. I recommend that you lose the additional weight and see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation. Different sized implants can be used to improve the asymmetry between the breasts.

Breast lift

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Your nipples are in a low position.  Most patients would desire either a breast lift alone or with an augmentation to improve the overall shape.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Surgery and Weight Loss

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If you want your nipples facing forward instead of down, then you can get a periareolar breast lift in addition to implants.  You will likely benefit from a larger implant in the left side to alleviate the size discrepancy, a procedure not all that uncommon.  Best Wishes!

Brian Howard, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

Lift +/- implants

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What would be best for you all depends on what your final goal is.  If you don't mind about one half cup size volume asymmetry between the two breasts and the basic size is acceptable, then you can have the correct the sagging with a lift alone.  However, you stated that your breast size is disproportionate to your hips and thighs.  So, I would recommend bilateral breast lifts and augmentation with different size implants.


Good luck loosing that last 20 lbs.

Marked breast asymmetry after weight loss

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I would agree with the assessment that you did quite well with your weight loss and your breasts are doing well, but you have marked asymmetry with both off-axis (pointing off to the side) and the right significantly larger than the left. The simplest solution assuming stable weight and accepting the axis and positioning of the breasts would be to augment the left only if it is nearly a cup size smaller. The next option would be to augment both with the forward projection larger by one or two notches than the right side but with the same width. Another option would be a reduction and small lift of the right side only. The most complex would be a lift and some centering of both sides with an unequal augmentation of both sides. The best long term solution considering aging and further weight changes would be to reduce and slightly lift the right side to match the left without an implant. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Breast Enhancement after a Large Weight Loss

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When people lose large amounts of weight their bodies often change in very different ways. There is usually a variable degree of breast sagging as well as a variable degree of breast volume loss and deflation. Such a pattern is visible in your photograph along with breast asymmetry. Depending on how large iu wish your breast to be you may benefit from bilateral breast lifts with or without breast augmentation. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Lift and an augmentation

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Congratulations on your weight loss. While it is difficult to say what exactly you would need without a formal exam and better pictures, it looks like you  may benefit from an augmentation and some form of lift.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts have dropped and lost volume after weight loss

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Thank you for your question and the photos. From what you have shown, yes, you would benefit from a lift to get your breasts more uplifted and to correct the position of the nipples. If you want to be larger or have more upper breast volume then this can be done with the addition of implants as well.  That's up to you and depends on what size you want to be when finished. To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.  I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation +/- mastopexy

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There are two components to each breast: skin and volume, and nice breasts derive from a proper balance between the two.  Balance is important:

balance between skin and volume;

balance between left and right;

balance top vs. bottom so clothes fit well off the rack without alterations and padded bras.

Your surgeon should explain all of this in detail and you should be sure to review a complete and extensive portfolio of his/her pre- and post-op pictures so you can get an idea of possible results.

From the pictures you sent it seems that implants would be useful to add volume.  Whether ir not you would want a lift at the same time depends on your overall frame.  You can always start with volume alone and defer the lift until after the augmented breasts have fully settled.

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