Post-revision, I have 550cc on the right and 500cc on the left, silicone under the muscle. Why are they asymmetrical? (photo)

I have 550cc in my right and 500cc in my left. This is a silicone implant under the muscle. These are photos of my revision and I am currently 4 mo post op. My first surgery I recieved 375cc in my right and 425 in my why it was switched the second time around, I don't know. My complaint with my first surgery was that the breasts didn't look symmetrical.? This is again my complaint. What can I do? Really hoping I don't have to undergo another surgery and it's costs.

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Breast Implants and Asymmetry

    Hard to comment on this one without the operative note and preoperative photographs.  I guess it is possible that the size of the right and left were switched or they may have been switched on your cards.

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Unfortunately, without a complete history and physical exam and through pre operative photography there is not enough information to make an informed plan, please consult your surgeon or another local board certified plastic surgeon

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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Breast asymmetry looks better after second breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and photographs. In the photograph of your breasts after your second breast augmentation, the breast do look more symmetrical to me then they did after the first augmentation. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon, as the second set of photographs would suggest that your surgeon is skilled and experienced and I'm sure is concerned that you be pleased with your result.

Uneven preop will often result in uneven postop even if look symmetrical in surgery

I would guess that you had a similar asymmetry preoperatively so you now have a larger version of that.  I have found that the shape of the rib cage can have a significant effect on the result when there are differences in tissue volume also.  I have seen cases where this will actually cause a smaller implant on the side that looked larger (more tissue)  preoperatively now look larger than the other with less tissue, which had a larger implant. 

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What is Wrong with my Breast Implants?

Over the internet with no original posted photos very hard to response. It appears as you have complete different shaped and volume breasts. Yes you will need more surgery to correct. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Asymmetry after second breast augmentation

Hello and thanks for the questions and photos. From the last pic it appears you have near symmetry with a bit of difference in the nipple position and possibly shape.  A 50 cc change in size of the implant is enough to cause a slight change in shape, not nearly as much at 500 cc as you would see at 375 cc.  If possible look at a photo of your chest before any augmentation and see what differences there are between the breasts.  Most women have some level of asymmetry that can be accentuated by an augmentation.  Whether or not to undergo a third operation is a personal choice, but maybe just a crescent nipple lift on the left to match the right is all you need.  I hope this helps and best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

Robert Kratschmer, MD
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Post Operative Asymmetry

Thank you for the question and your pictures. It is difficult to advise without the aid of photos from pre-op and post-op of your first augmentation. This will help in evaluating any pre-existing and subsequent post-operative asymmetries. In any case it would appear from the photos provided as though you will most likely require re-operation to resolve the asymmetry.

Good luck.

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What is Wrong with my Breast Implants?

Without seeing the photos from before surgery it is hard to comment on why the right side had a 175 cc enlargement, and the left side only a 75 cc enlargement. 

If the breasts were the same size before the recent surgery, it may be that an error was made and the implants placed in the wrong sides. That would explain the larger right breast. 

Best wishes.

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