What Could Be Wrong at 2 Months Post Op from Tummy Tuck? (photo)

The area around my scar is red. It is hard to the touch and slightly puffy. It only hurts when I press on the area. Any idea what can be wrong?

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Suture knot infection after an abdominoplasty

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It appears that you have a suture knot infection.  You will need to see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible to have the infected suture removed.  With the degree of redness you have you will most likely need to be placed on antibiotics for a few days.  

Possible Suture Infection

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It appears that you may have an infected suture. Removal of the suture under local anesthesiashould help resolve the problem.  Contact your Plastic Surgeon to address the matter. Best wishes.

Scar Issue 2 Months After Tummy Tuck

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Two months is an interesting time for wound healing.  When I look at your pictures I see other areas on the scar that have the same raised and firm appearance.  There are two possibilities.  First, I agree there could be a small stitch abscess that is easy to correct.  However, what I really suspect is going on is hypertrophic scarring.  This type of scarring typically occurs from 4-10 weeks after surgery.  It is more common with darker skin such as Hispanic, Asian, Mediterranean etc. Have your surgeon look at it.  If it's hypertrophic scarring he'll need to inject the scars with steroid several times. If this is addressed early much of the scars can be improved. 

What Could Be Wrong at 2 Months Post Op from Tummy Tuck

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This looks like a suture infection, not at all a serious condition. You should, however, call your surgeon to make an appointment. In all likelihood he will numb this up, make a very small incision and remove the suture, and the skin will heal in a few days. 

All the best

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Red scar?

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Thank you for posting your concerns. It is impossible for me to diagnose exactly what is going on with your scar without performing an actual physical exam. However, the redness is worrisome. Therefore, I would highly recommend you talk to your surgeon as soon as possible and have this evaluated. Infection could look this way. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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