Wrong Fixation of Cheek Implants?

I Had my Malar Implants Removed and Replaced with New Smaller Cheek Implants 3 Months Ago.  The old implants were placed too high on my malar bone. My surgeon replaced them with midfacial implants. Therefor he did a new pocket below the old one. He was scared the new implants could shift back to old pocket position, so he decided to close the old pocket with dissolving stitches ABOVE my face. I still can see the stitch line. Now this causes facial mimic problems. When I laugh my cheeks are just able to move until this line! It looks awful. Can he remove the stitches or is it permanent?

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Fixation of Cheek Implants

The sutures used at the time  your cheek implant placement  should have dissolved 3 months after surgery. Your surgeon knows exactly what was done when the implants were placed, and is in the best position to evaluate and treat you.

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Changing out old implants

This is not as simple as it seems, as you can see.  The implants were not fizxated improperly but you have some scar tissue from the old implants - possibly a capsule - or a visible suture line.   I would go back to the surgeon who performed the surgery as he will know best what he did and probably there is a simple solution.  Some dissolving sutures take months to go away and you may help the process with some ultrasonic treatments or massage.  Good luck.

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Malar Implants

It sounds like you may have some scar tissue that is causing the line to show. The dissolvable sutures should be gone by the 2nd or 3rd month. By that time, you could have easily developed scar tissue where the old pocket used to be. This will require more than just removing the dissolvable suture.

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