What's Wrong with my Eye? Could I Get Surgery?

I hope you can see that in eye #2, something is wrong (see phto)The shape is different and it affects my confidence negatively. My eye and shape and everything in eye #1 is fine and I'm happy with it. But something is wrong with eye #2 and I want it to be the same as #1. I'm gonna have to get surgery, correct?..if I want eye #2 to be the same as #1. Could you please provide me with more info about a possible price for surgery? Or any other info that you think will help me? Thanks a lot :)

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Right and left eyes shaped differently

From the submitted photo, there are subtle differences between right and left palpebral apertures (space between upper and lower eyelids when open), and this is completely normal.  The perfectly symmetric face does not look quite human, and, as it turns out, our slight asymmetries prevent us from appearing like computer generated images.  That being said, both your right and your left sides, while slightly different, both appear normal.  Surgical intervention on one side must be justified by a favorable risk to benefit ratio, and can only be determined by a trained and experienced professional after personal consultation.  The decision to proceed with treatment would depend on exactly what bothers you about eye #2, how much it bothers you, whether it can be surgically corrected, what the risks and potential complications may be of such a corrective procedure, and in the end, whether your dissatisfaction with eye #2 is profound enough to accept the stated risks.

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