Is Something Wrong if I Have Congestion Almost a Year After Surgery?

I had septoplasty & rhinoplasty almost a year ago. Since then my RT nostril is always congested. Consulted w/my Dr & he gave me Flonase & said I was still swollen on my RT side. I get relief at times when I'm lying on my LT side & can feel the congestion shift to the LT but not always. I had the surgery done to repair a deviated septum on my left nostril, but now 85% of the time I can't breathe through my RT nostril. What could this be a result of? I have a follw up in a few weeks. Suggestions?

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Persistent nasal congestion after septoplasty

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The two structures within the nasal cavity that commonly cause nasal obstructive symptoms include the septum and the inferior turbinates. If your septum was deviated to the left and if you also had an enlarged right inferior turbinate, correction of the septal deviation without addressing the turbinate may be the result of your chronic obstructive symptoms on the right. Perhaps a nasal examination by another surgeon would be helpful in determining the cause of your congestion. Thank you for sharing your questions and concerns. Best wishes.

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