What Went Wrong with my Breast Lift with Implants?

I had my breast implants replaced and lifted. They were big, high and round but began to droop over the years. I never expected the breast implants to immediately fall and shift to the side and my areolas to be so high, crooked and uneven. I have no cleavage and have to wear high collared shirts. The result is the opposite of what I asked for. I like the fake look. What did my original plastic surgeon do to keep my breast implants high and in place? What can be done to get my fake look back? What went wrong?

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Wrong with my breast lift with implants

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The first thing that went wrong is you forgot to post photos. The second thing is you need another operation to correct your stated concerns. Seek additional opinions.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Chasing "The FAKE Boob LOOK"

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You are lamenting the loss of your "FAKE Boob Look". As Plastic surgeons many of us cringe when we hear a young woman asking for this look because we know all to well the long-term price for this very short lived appearance.

To get the "Fake Look" we need to do the reverse of what we would normally do. We would pick a pain of overly large implants and Place them in the breast over the muscle / under the breast gland. The result - a "big, high, round " balloon appearance. For a while. Until the skin and areola carefully adapt by stretching.

At this time the sagging of the breasts starts caused by thinning of the skin and loss of breast tissue. Now the options are Breast Lift with same or small implants OR "super maxing" (IE "going larger") with larger implants. Many pick the second, worse choice, setting in motion a chain of predictable irreversible events in which larger and larger implants go in with faster and faster thinning and sagging of the breasts ending in a major complication which cannot be reversed.

At this time, rather than chasing another short lasting fake look, it is best to ask what choice would get me the best long-lasting appearance. You may not get the answer you like but long term it may be the best for you.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Breast implants and lift

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It really does not sound as if anything went wrong with the surgery itself or your postoperative course.  As we age, the elasticity of our skin decreases and implants will drop.  How much they drop varies from one patient to the next, and it's impossible for us to predict how much your skin will stretch after surgery.  If you were to have another surgery, your implants might be temporarily high, but with time the skin would probably stretch out and drop again.  Your best option for the fake look is to wear a push-up bra, which is probably not the answer you're looking for.  Best wishes, /nsn.

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What Went Wrong with my Breast Lift with Implants? Fake versus natural

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The only way to get the fake look is to overly reduce the breast and place an oversized implatn. The problem with this is that it is not a durable  nor long lasting result.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

Breast Implants with Lift

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Hi there-

Unfortunately, and especially when patient's goals are for unnatural results, the outcome of surgery can be short lived. It would not be reasonable to think this is because something "went wrong", so much as that you are experiencing the normal evolution of this type of procedure when a patient chooses very large implants.

You should carefully reconsider your goals, understanding that your long term happiness with your body may suffer based on the choices you make.

The "fake boob" look

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High, firm breast implants are not the norm. They do look fake and unfortunately do not usually stay as high and as tight as the body adjusts to the implants and stretches the skin a bit to allow the implants to descend.  Difficult to keep them in that high tight place.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Nothing went wrong

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What is it with people wanting "fake boobs".  I just can't figure it out, but never the less let me see if I can help you.  Let's approach the problems one by one.

As far as the position of the implants it may be that the pocket where the implants sit has enlarged.  This would make the implants fall to the side under your arms especially when you lie down.  The implants may be sitting low on the chest because they have dropped over time (and age) as well as from the implant exchange.  This problem can be taken care of with a capsulorraphy or repair of the capsule to tighten the pocket.  This will raise the implant and move it more central to create more cleavage.

If the areolas are uneven, this is a minor problem to correct by revising the mastopexy to adjust the nipple height.  This will also make them rounder and more symmetric.

As far as the fake look. This is a more difficult problem as it is usually the result of a capsule, too high an implant, or too big an implant.  I have no problem making a patient large, but the goal is to create a beautiful breast at the same time.  Why not go on several consultations as well as back to the original surgeon and see what can be done.  You may find your problem is not as severe as you think.

Repeated breast implant surgery problems

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Your problem is a common one.

Patients have implants that initially look high and tight, then droop over the years.  They like the high look, so they have larger implants or lifts done, and the breasts droop even more quickly.

The skin will do what you tell it to.  If you place a large space occupying object under the skin, it will expand  and thin.  Thin skin has less resistance to drooping than thicker healthy skin.

The slippery slope eventually starts, and patients start having multiple surgeries to attain that "fake look".  The endpoint is often implant extrusion or nipple problems including nipple death if the process is not recognized and continues.

I strongly advise my patients to avoid overly large implants, and urge them to expect reasonable breasts, not always looking as though they had a wonderbra on.  Remember the skin will do what you tell it to.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 194 reviews

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