Writing After LASEK?

In my job I don't need to use a computer, but I have to write and read hand-written progress reports. I'm scheduled for LASEK later this week. I'm worried about how the long term recovery will affect my ability to do my job. My Dr. said I was a good candidate for either LASIK or LASEK and that it was my choice. I'm wondering if I should switch to LASIK?

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Lasik vs lasek

I had lasik myself and performed lasiks. I switched to lasek nearly 10 years ago. Lasik always recovers quicker with less discomfort. lasek is always safer and has less long-term dry eyes or night glare. so those are the facts about the difference between these procedures, you will have to choose which factors are more important to you.  Emil Chynn, MD, MBA -  NYC

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