Wrinkly Skin in Neck from Steroids?

I am 42 but look younger. I am 110 lbs. and 5'6". I have battled eczema my entire life. I noticed recently that the center of my lower neck looks wrinkly when I swallow. It seems worse in the dry air of AZ. I did have eczema of the neck (and still do rarely) and used topical low dose steroids when younger. Will this need a neck lift or laser tx? I had a nose job a few yrs. ago and did well with it, but I would rather not deal with the recovery time for a neck lift if possible.

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Wrinkly Skin in Neck

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Premature skin wrinkling in the central neck can be very frustrating, and many people in their early 40s want to avoid surgery to improve the situation. You are thin and I suspect that the use of steroids topically as a child was not a major factor to this laxity. Here are some ideas to help you gain improvement without the neck lift you are trying to avoid.


1. RF (Radiofrequency)  technologies work very well in dealing with this issue on the neck.  Most newer RF systems can work very well, but it is important the clinic have some experience with the device and can give you reasonable expectations with an estimated number of treatments. Some of these devices to require multiple treatments, and knowing things upfront are helpful. Devices that I have personally used and seen improvement include Thermage, Viora, Lumiere Apollo, Elman Peleve, and EndyMed.


2. One technology that treats the skin a little differently in this area but can get excellent results is Ulthera. This technology uses ablative Ultrasound and is excellent for aging neck skin.


3. While one can laser the neck skin with lasers like fractional Co2, there is more experience involved with these devices on the neck (unlike the face) with smaller margins of safety. If you want to do lasers please make sure your practioner has experience using these devices on the neck. Shorter wavelnegth lasers and IPL can work but may require multiple treatments.


4. Finally, doing heating under the skin can be very effective, and this can be combined with  percutaneous new techniques for muscle tightening that do not require incisions. This option category is more invasive and requires some injection anesthesia. Here, one can use advanced Liposuction technologies like SMART LIPO to heat the skin from the underside. Other laser lipo systems can also be used (Slim, Accusculpt). Here you are melting some fat as well as tightening skin by heating it from the under-side. Laser Lipo technologies can be combined with trampoline neck lifting procedures (ImplicitCare) to get tightening without traditional incisions.


Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Neck wrinkly skin.

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See an experienced facelift surgeon and see if the treatment is for the skin or is there excess skin that needs to be removed.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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