Why Do I Have a Wrinkle in the Center of my Incision?

I'm 1 week post op but not fully satisfied with my results. I have a wrinkle in the center of my incision and feel like my incision is to high? Will this wrinkle go away? Is the incision abnormally high?

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Irregularities often smooth out, but the height of the incision will not likely change. It is hard to comment without photos. You will get more useful responses were you to attach some.

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Wrinkles in the center of your incision will likely go away

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Thank you for the question.  Without a photo it is difficult to provide an answer with certainty but in general wrinkles in the center of your horizontal incision are often secondary to the process closing the incision and minimizing the incision length.  If this is the case these will go away over the next month or two.  The height of your incision will however not become lower with time as you can imagine.  It seems like you may have some concerns about your early tummy tuck results.  I would recommend communicating these with your plastic surgeon along the way so that he/she can stay informed about your progress.

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Post Operative Appearance Of Incision

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It is not possible to give any advice without at least the aid of pictures. However I would be inclined to say that you are very early in the post operative course and should not make any calls on the appearance of your scar as it will change with time. Wound healing and changes in the appearance of your scar can occur for 12 to 18 months and in some cases longer.

Consider posting a photo to help in evaluating your concerns. Best wishes.

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