How do I wrap my foot and lower leg after having scherotherapy 2 days ago?

One wrap slipped when I was putting on socks and is now loose around my foot. Does the heel get wrapped or does the wrap avoid the heel? I'm supposed to keep the wrap on for 3 days and then use compression hose. The wrap on my leg is still OK but it comes over part of the foot wrap.

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Ace bandage or wrap after sclerotherapy

Every physician has his/her routine in treating patients after sclerotherapy including immediate wraps and subsequent compression garments. Some are based on the literature and other recommendations are based on personal experience. I wrap the entire leg and ankle foot otherwise you will get swellling below the area that is wrapped which concerns patients, thinking that there is a problem like a DVT. I have patients remove the ace wrap the following morning and wear compression garments for a period of 3 months. The length of the compression hose should include the area that is injected. If you do sclerotherapy in the thigh, you should wear thigh hig and if it is only in the leg and ankle, knee high. I also recommend topical creams daily to prevent hyperpigmentation - VenoQuin and VenoLucent. 

Buffalo Phlebologist
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Wrap from base of toes to upper thigh.

I recommend post sclerotherapy compression for 48 hours.  I prefer either support hose from the base of the toes to the upper thighs or ace wraps over the same areas.  The compression should begin just below the base of the toes and extend to the top of the thighs.  The heel can either be included or left open. Either and overlap of the ace or a figure of eight is sufficient.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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Compression after sclerotherapy

Sorry for the delayed anwser. If the wrap does not look good, switch to compression stockings and keep them longer than originally planned. Take them off at night and put them back on first thing in the morning. Under circumstances, it is better to keep wearing your stockings for seven days from the time of your procedure. Good luck!

L. Mark Khitin, MD, FACS
New York General Surgeon
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