Wound Dehiscence at 68 Days - is This Possible? How?

I have a small, circular opening along my vertical suture line of a breast reduction I had over 8 weeks ago. I'm young, in good health, and have followed all instructions. There was no warning, there was just a bloody hole on my breast when I went to change into my sleep wear this evening. The wound is really very small, and I've taken steps to clean it and bandage to take pressure of the area. And I have left an email message with my surgeon. But how could this happen?

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Late wound drainage after Breast Reduction is fortunately uncommon.

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A small draining wound opening on your surgical incision, long after breast reduction surgery (in your case, 2 months later), can represent a  partially dissolved suture being rejected by your body. This small hole could also represent spontaneous drainage of an old small fluid accumulation from your surgery.

Without signs of infection, these usually resolve with topical care. You MUST let your surgeon know and make an appointment to see him (her) to make certain there is no residual stitch in your wound (which could prolong the drainage and even get infected).

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Superficial Separation/Wound after Breast Reduction?

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Yes, the situation you described can occur even 8 weeks (or longer) after breast reduction surgery. Most commonly, this opening occurs as a stitch “reaction”;  usually this is a self-limited problem,  especially once the offending suture is removed. In person examination by your plastic surgeon will be helpful.

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