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The bottom of my nose is quite flat and I want to make it sharper. I feel like going through surgery is a little too much for such a small change. If I wore a comfortable splint that would cosmetically stretch the tip of my nose to make it sharper over a prolonged time, would my nose gradually become sharper?

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Filling the Nasal Tip

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Wearing a "splint" or any other device on the nose will not permanently change it's shape and may actually do more harm than good. For flat tips and bridges, I recommend filling the nose with a calcium hydroxyapatite substance known as Radiesse. It mimics bone and teeth and can vastly improve flat or droopy looking noses by giving them a pointier or taller appearance. 

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Sharper tip in rhinoplasty

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Dear RandomPerson123,

It all depends on what the nose looks like.  Wearing a brace or a splint to try to reshape the nose won't really do the trick because you have to overcome the cartilage and skin to reshape the nose.  You don't necessarily need surgery, and maybe just some injections depending on what the nose looks like.

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