Is It Worthwhile and Practical to Travel to Another State for a Facelift if One Has a Specific P.s. in Mind?

Is it worthwhile and practical to travel to another state for a facelift if one has a specific p.s. in mind? I imagine follow-up would be very difficult.

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Out of State Facelifts?

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     I always tell facelift patients that I want them to stay in town and be available for at least a few days to a week.   Early complications such as hematoma cannot be managed from far way.

Should I travel to have a facelift

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The most important factor when choosing a facelift surgeon is your comfort with the surgeon's qualifications, experience, and bedside manner. If you do decide to travel make sure that you plan to be in the area for 10-14 days following surgery to ensure that you have appropriate follow up. I would also plan at least one long term follow up trip a few months after surgery.

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Traveling to another state for a facelift

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If you choose a surgeon whom you believe is worthwhile traveling for, then it is a good idea to do so.  Just remember that it is important to be in that location for 7-10 days after the surgery.  Our practice is located in Seattle and we have patients coming in for facelift procedures that travel to us from many states in the U.S. and from Canada.  We ask patients to stay in town for at least 10 days after the procedure and we require them to come see us once or twice in the first few months after surgery to make sure they are healing appropriately.

Is it worth it to travel out of state for plastic surgery?

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It is very important you are comfortable with your surgeon, and you want to choose someone who is qualified and experienced. If it means going out of state to find them, I would definitely recommend doing so. We see patients from all around the world in my office for all types of procedures. If possible, we ask them to stay in town for at least one week so that follow-up appointments are possible. If this is not an option, we have referrals and can set the patient up with a follow-up in their specific area. In general, when looking for a surgeon you will want to make sure they:

1) Are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
2) Have a good amount of before and after photos so you may get an idea of their results
3) Have fantastic patient testimonials
4) Have a great amount of experience performing your particular procedure

When visiting with your prospective surgeon, It is also good to get an idea of what to expect after surgery, what activities to avoid, and how to care for the area in the days/weeks following your procedure. Thank you and best of luck!

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Go where you feel comfortable

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PIcking a surgeon is a very personal decision.  If you have met with a surgeon who is out of state and you like that surgeon better than one closer to home, then the extra expense may be worth it.  If you have a complication after you are home, it may be a bit hard to handle.  Make sure you are happy with the arrangements for post op communication.

OUt-Of-Town Plastic Surgeon

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I frequently see patients from out-of-state for facelifts.  Our routine is to become familiar with their medical history and have all their preop studies done prior to their acutal visit for surgery.  An initial visit is necessary to plan surgery.  The postop stay usually lasts about 2 weeks after a facelift.  By that time, all sutures have been removed, and the patient is well on their way to healing.  Most of the infrequent postop complications occur within the first week, and have been addressed if needed.  After returning home, albeit with some swelling or bruising, we remain in close phone contact with the patient, and if it becomes necessary for the patient to see a plastic sugeon in their community, we can help arrange the visit.  So it is certainly feasible to have surgery done in another state if you find a surgeon with home you really connect well and have the utmost confidence.

You have one face and should do it right the first time

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If you found a specialist who fulfills your criteria as a top facelift surgeon, then you should have surgery by them no matter where they are. If something goes wrong it will be within the first few days to a week so as long as you stay there for at least a week and a half or so, there is no detriment to travelling to get a facelift.

Steven J. Pearlman, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Out of state surgery

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It certainly is okay to travel to another state but you have be sure you have a medical doctor that knows you there and that you are flexible in your schedule to be able to stay if you experience a complication. Above all, think safety. Chnces are there are plastic surgeons in your general area that would serve you well.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Traveling to another state to find the best plastic surgeon is okay but with drawbacks.

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I operate from time to time on patients who live long distances away.  I ask that they stay in town for a few days after surgery in case a short term complication occurs.  Once they return home, we handle to post-operative care with digital photos.  If something looks wrong to the point of warranting intervention (rare), the patient would have to travel back to the office.

Out of State Facelift

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Traveling to another state for a facelift to a board certified plastic surgeon is very reasonable.  Each surgeon has their protocol for follow up for patients who travel.  You must be willing to adhere to their follow up protocol.


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