Worth It to Get Orthognathic Surgery?

I am a 20 yr old male who is just finishing up with braces. My ortho raised concerns about a bad bite at the beginning of treatment, and about a month ago referred me to a specialist for an evaluation.Today was my evaluation and the specialist assured me it wasn't as bad as the ortho made it to be, but my jaw was misaligned by about 6mm and he recommended surgery, not for cosmetics but "to ensure my teeth don't relapse later". Is this an actual threat?I want to avoid surgery if I don't need it.

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Orthognathic Surgery Prevents Orthodontic Relapse

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Orthodontics can line-up the teeth in each jaw so they look good and fit well in each jaw. But, if the upper and lower jaws are different sizes, the upper and lower teeth will not fit together properly and the orthodontic result will relapse after the braces are removed. The bite will not be stable. The teeth may not go back to their original position, but they will usually not remain in the ideal position produced by the orthodontic treatment. The larger the size difference between the jaws, the worse the bite will become if surgery is not performed. If there is more than a 3mm difference in jaw size, surgery is usually the best way to maintain the orthodontic result. Today, orthognathic surgery is usually a day surgery procedure with relatively rapid recovery.

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