Worst Mistake I've Made After Rhinoplasty. Need Exact, Truthful Answers. What Did I Do To My Nose And What Happened?

Most of the doctors that are going to answer what I'm going to ask are going to say I should see my doctor, which I completely understand but I'd like other opinions before I embaress myself. I had Rhinoplasty done in December of 2011. On July 15th my grandfather had a stroke so a couple of my cousins and myself went out to keep our mind straight. Long story short I ended up doing 3 medium lines of cocaine once it had me all awaken I realized what I've done and did not want to continue.

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Recreational Drugs Consumption After Rhinoplasty

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First, I am sorry about what happened to your grandfather.

Second, cocaine nasal intake causes perforation of the septum. So, depending on how long you have been using cocaine, the damage could vary.

Third, as a physician with extensive experience I believe that if you have a drug addiction you should address it with the help of specialists who will guide you to be on a healthy track again.

Finally, I recommend that you consult with your surgeon and to be clear and disclose all what you have to say to your surgeon without hesitation. We are available to our patients to help them.

I hope this helps and the best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Worst Mistake I've Made After Rhinoplasty. Need Exact, Truthful Answers. What Did I Do To My Nose And What Happened?

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Without an in person intranasal examination how can we answer your question/s. Best IS to see in person your surgeon. Then you can have the exam and answers to your question. Sorry about your grandfather. 


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The worst mistake that you can make is to not explain what happened to your surgeon and not get the help you need to stay off coke, forever!

Drug use anytime Rhinoplasty or not is not a good idea!

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Without a direct examination to see if you have caused any damage to the septum in septal perforation from the cocaine it is difficult to give you a complete answer. With this said if you have no prior usage of cocaine and did a small amount hopefully you will be fine. As you stated an appointment with your surgeon is needed. No need to be embarrassed as a surgeon with thirty years of experience I have heard and seen most everything. We understand not every patient follows the exact postoperative instructions. Our main goal is to know the truth, make a proper diagnosis and move forward from there. A doctor patient relationship is like an attorney client privilege!! Never be afraid to tell the truth it is always kept confidential and your information is only used to help procure your best care! Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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