How Long is Recovery For Mommy Makeover in Worst Case Scenario?

I wanted to know in the worst case how long I will not be able to drive my kids to school, and karate and ballet after school? I am getting a full tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation, lipo of the flanks. The meds that I will be on are:  Celebrex,Demerol, Phenergan,  Keflex Medrol Dose Pack – Steroid, Lovenox – Blood Thinner for after surgery- my family has a history of blood clots, I am 39 years old with no know medical problems. Thanks to anyone that answers!

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Recovery from mommy make over.

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This is a common question. On average it will take you 2-3 weeks. But, it can be longer or shorter depending on the extent of your surgery, your pain tolerance, any complications after surgery and the need for controlled substance pain killers. Talk to your doctor, he/she should be able to give you an estimate.

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Hi, thanks for your question!


As other physicians have stated, the average recovery time is 3 to 4 weeks, but this can vary from patient to patient. Ideally, you should be off steroids prior to any major surgery as steroids can delay ALL phases of wound healing. I would recommend being off steroids for at least 4 weeks prior to cosmetic surgery. If you could stop the Celebrex prior to surgery, this would also lessen bleeding complications. Best of luck with your procedure!

Recovery from Mommy Makeover

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These procedures are safe to do in a healthy person.  Every patient recovers at a different rate. Follow instructions for your pre-testing prior to surgery to see if any health issues need to be addressed before moving forward.  Discuss your post operative instructions with your surgeon, your expectations, and projected recovery time to resume normal activities.  Everybody has a different concept of normal activity.  Be sure you have help at home while you recover. 

May want to consider staging your procedures given your family history of deep vein thrombosis

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Of course, individual recovery and response to surgery is different for each individual.  The abdominoplasty will definitely slow you down.  You are having a lot of surgery at one session and with your family history of blood clotting problems you may want to consider staging the procedures.  In any event most women can expect 2 to 4 weeks before you can get back to normal activities.  

Mommy makeover

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Recovery for mommy makeover is 2-3 weeks. You can not drive while on pain medications.

The most important part of your history is that you have a familt history of blood clots.

Then you need a full hypercoaguability work up. Which include

pt, ptt, protein  S, Protein  C, antiphospholipids antibodies, leiden factror  mutation,

complete clearance by a hematologist, before the surgery.

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Mommy Makeover Recovery

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Thank you for your question.

This is difficult to answer because each patient is different with how they heal.  Your recovery can be as short as 2-4 weeks and as long as 2-3 months depending on if you have any wound healing problems, etc.

It is always better to plan on a longer recovery so that you have the help if you need it.

Talk to your surgeon and see what he/she recommends.

I hope this helps.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

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The recovery from a mommy makeover is variable depending upon the protocol your doctor puts you on in the post-operative period. I have adopted the NO Drain, Rapid Recovery protocol, which means that we expect you to be up and around, doing things the NEXT DAY!! You are not healed but you are recovered enough to go out to dinner, go for a walk outside, or even go to the mall shopping. We do not use narcotics and we do not use blood thinners or steroids.

With this protocol you should be able to drive the kids around in two days without much problem. I have had many patients vacuuming, doing laundry and driving 24 hours after their tummy tuck with this protocol.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

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The recovery period for a tummy tuck generally takes 7-10 days and within 2-4 weeks patients are back to their usual schedule. Of course, this readily varies based on pre-operative health conditions, medications, and the extensiveness of the procedure.

After your procedure you will be given specific instructions with how to care for the area post-surgery. Directions for any possible medications to apply or take orally will also be provided, along with general health materials and when to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Mommy makeover recovery

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Most  patients need two weeks at home to take it easy. Driving can usually be resumed at 2 weeks. I like to start isometric abdominal exercises at 3-4 weeks and gradually increase activity levels, so by 8 weeks, most patients are able to resume full exercise and all activities.

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