2 Weeks Post-Op Male Pubic Lipo - Lumps, Swelling, Erection Problems

I've spoken to my surgeon over the phone and will see him in person over the weekend with my concerns. I wanted some additional opinions. After 2 weeks are the following symptoms any reason for concern? Will things return to normal or have I made a terrible mistkae by having this procedure? 1. Lumpy and sometimes painful swelling all along the penile shaft. Erects occur but are now painful. 2. Large, hard and uncomfortable swellings in the pubic area above the genitals.

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Male liposuction

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For men fat tends to be stored in the intra-abdominal compartment. This is visceral fat and can not be liposuctioned. This visceral fat can only be lost by diet and exercise.   The risks for men are the same as for women.  The most common area men request liposuction is the lower abdomen and love handle areas.   Bruising of the penis is not uncommon since there is a very loose soft tissue plane between the abdomen and genital area.    Continue to follow instructions from your plastic surgeon as far as wearing a compression garment.

Liposuction of the Pubic Region - Swelling, Bruising, Problems with Erections, Lumpy

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Hi Sydney4704 in Sydney, 02,

You're doing the right thing by seeing your PS.

That being said, this is an extraordinarily sensitive area from every standpoint.  To start with, there is more fibrous tissue there than in other areas that typically get liposuction, so it takes a little more work to reduce the bulk and there is, accordingly, more swelling.  Also, there's more blood flow, which means more bleeding, bruising, and swelling.  So, in that sense, it's not surprising that you're having these problems and they should all resolve on their own.

I most often recommend using a drain in this area.  It's a little messy, but it both speeds and facilitates the recovery; at least in my experience.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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