Should This Worry Me? I'm 18, With Uneven Boobs, One A and the Other a C?

I never thought it was a big issue until I read about hypoplastic breasts, will this affect me in the future with breast feeding? I used to always think I have more fat in my left one and that's the reason of them being uneven but it seems many other woman have this! I've seen doctors and they said I was just unlucky as all girls have a slight difference and mine was just too obvious

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Problems with Breast Asymmetry

There is no problem with breast asymmetry, even if the cause is hypoplasia or Poland's Syndrome unless it is bothersome to you. If it does bother you, it can be corrected no matter what the cause.

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Breast assymetry

Mostly all   the time    is  not associated  with  big  problems in  the  future  related   with   breast  feeeding , the    most  are  in  phsicological area , and    some  discomfort  or  difficulty   with   close .

Ounce  the   problem    bothers    you    asthetically   then   it  is  the time   to make the   decision  of   having  a  plastic   surgeon   to correct   the  deformity .   I  do  not  know   much about   your case ,   but  specifically   at  the  moment   of  your decision   it   will  be  a  breast  augmentation      with   different  implants .  in  some cases   there    is   necesity   of  treatment  of  areola  to put    them  at   same   level or  a same   size  but  this   will  depend  on the  deformity    that  is present 

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Breast asymmetry

The decision to undergo surgery to correct significant breast asymmetry is yours. You only do it if you want it.

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Uneven Breasts

It is very common to have breasts that do not match in either size or shape. This should not be an issue with breast feeding.  If you are self conscious about an obvious difference, you can consider surgery to help achieve more symmetry.

Gustavo E. Galante, MD
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Breast asymmetry varies in magnitude.

What you describe is an anatomic variant. There is nothing to worry about and if it is aesthetically a significant problem for you can be surgically corrected.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Breast asymmetry

Most women have small differences in the size and shape of their breasts.  Your situation may simply be the extreme variation of this, however, without pictures, it is difficult to tell if is is simply normal variation or if something else is going on.  Your breasts will change with weight gain/loss, pregnancy, etc., however, without the addition of volume to your smaller side or the elimination of volume on your larger side, it sounds like you will always have this size discrepancy.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
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Uneven boobs

If your only concern is breast feeding , i think you shouldn't worry too much . If you have been checked before and there is some glandular tissue in your smaller breast , you might breast feed just fine.

best wishes

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