Should I Worry About Results of Lower Bleph at This Point?

I had a lower bleph (with incisions under the eye lid) and fat injections just over 3 weeks ago. My right eye appears to be healing well, but my left eye is not. When I bend my head and look up, my eyelid moves away from the eyeball. Also, the left iris sometimes seems slanted when I look forward, especially when I'm tired. I have went to my PC, who injected a steriod into my lower lid, near the incision line about 4 days ago. This seemed to help, but I still notice problems. Should I worry?

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Early Results After Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

You seem to have a few things going on that can be addressed by your surgeon.

It is common for one side to be a bit more swollen than the other. If you had the fat injections around your lower eyelids, then the combination may result in more swelling also.

The lower lid moving away from the eyeball may be due to:

  • The muscle being temporarily disrupted from the surgery (common when the fat is removed through an incision under the eye lashes) which usually resolved over time
  • The eyelid tissue being loose (which can be improved with a tightening of the lower eyelid)
  • Swelling (which resolves over time)
  • Scar tissue and inflammation (may improve with massage or a low dose steroid injection)

If you had the fat injections around your lower eyelids, then the combination may result in more swelling also.

Be sure to follow up with your original surgeon if things have not improved.

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Concerns after Blepharoplasty need a Surgeon

Many changes occur in the weeks following blepharoplasty.  It is not uncommon for one side to heal differently from the other.  Your surgeon knows what to expect and how to deal with any issues that my impede your healing.  Some things just need time to improve.  I recommend that you have your surgeon evaluate you, rather than another doctor.  After all, your surgeon is the expert!

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Lower eyelid surgery

It is difficult to say, only your surgeon will know if it is excessive swelling as compared to the right eye.

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Potential Complications with Lower Lid Surgery / Fat Transfer?

Without examining you or a photograph to support and document your condition, it would be impossible to correctly advise you. The changes you describe MAY be natural healing but would need to be evaluated by the original surgeon. I am not sure why you would allow a PCP instead of your surgeon to evaluate and, if needed, treat you. If in doubt, you really should feel free to call upon your surgeon for any questions or issues. Dr. Peter Aldea

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