Very Worried About Skin Gathering After Breast Implant Revision

3 weeks ago I had a breast revision. I had a bigger (from 380 to 500cc) implant put in. The doctor said that I had lots of scarring around the old implant and that lots of work was required to fix the pockets. Today after the tape came off, this is what I see. Left breast seems fine, but right breast has significant 'gathering' of skin. Apparently there were internal stitches put in. My surgeon is away this week and I'm freaking out in need of some answers. Please help!

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Very Worried About Skin Gathering After Breast Implant Revision

Thanks for posting the series of photos.I would be concerned if you were 3 months after the revision operation. But at ONLY 3 weeks, you are still in early phase of healing. My concern is your pre operative informed consent. You needed to have been aware that this skin "puckering" could occur so you would not have been surprised. 

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Skin puckering after implant revision

Skin puckering after implant revision where internal sutures are required is not uncommon.  It typically settles down spontaneously as the tissue begins to accommodate to the implant.  Please be patient, but by all means discuss this with your surgeon when he returns.

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