Worried to have permanent nerve damage from Chin Augmentation. (photo)

I've had a chin augmentation and a cheek augmentation a year ago, and I still don’t feel normal. My right side of my chin feels numb, like with anesthetic. Also it feels like some invisible threads are pulling from my neck to my chin. I can feel my lips but not my chin. My left cheek also feels numb. My right cheek and my left side of my chin feels fine. Actually both felt normal after six months. Every time I go to my doctor he injects me with cortisone injections. It’s has been a year ago.

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Nerve Damage After Facial Implants

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Typically, nerve regeneration will occurr by 12 months after injury.  It is possible you may have permanent damage to the mental and trigeminal nerves, which can occur with chin and cheek implant surgery, respectively.  I suggest you followup with a board certified surgeon for evaluation.  Good Luck

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