2 Weeks Post Tip Plasty: Will my Nose Bridge Go Lower?

I had a tip plasty about 2 weeks ago. Before I had the ops, I told my doc to build my tip and reduce the width of my tip. This is my 4th revision. I had a silicon implant before this ops. The doc replaced my silicon with a goretex. He built my tip using ear cartilage. The tip has a slight tilt upward to make it a feminine line. However, I am very concerned with my bridge. The goretex he put in was a bit too high at the bridge. Will the goretex go down after a few weeks?

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2 weeks is too soon to draw conclusions about the results of a rhinoplasty.

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You need to wait before passing judgment on a rhinoplasty especially the 3rd revision.  I would be very cautious about any further revision. 

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