Worried about large bump on the side of my nose? (photo)

5 weeks post surgery, have bump on the side of my nose it has been there since the operation. Will this disappear after the swelling goes down? It is very tender to touch. I read others with similar problem the the surgeons said it wouldnt go away and might be due callus formation or fibrous scar orcallus. Some days its worse than others but can always be seen on photos. Please any advice I hate it!

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Worried about large bump on the side of my nose?

Appears as you have many issues from this ?rhinoplasty. Best to seek ONLY IN PERSON opinions and timing for secondary operation... 

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Ask your surgeon if massage will help reduce bump on nose after rhinoplasty

It is not uncommon to see or feel a bump on the nose after rhinoplasty.  If the bump is on the side of the nose massage may help.  However it is crucial that you see your plastic surgeon and ask if the Dr. will approve massage to help the swelling.  It can be a bone chip, callus formation as you mention, or simply residual blood in the tissues.

Side bumps on nose after rhinoplasty

After the rhinoplasty you should not touch the nose to feel any bumps or irregularities. Those take time to settle down. If you are concerned about the appearance of the bump then you should discuss it with your surgeon to see if it requires steroid injections or it will need revision surgery. 
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