Worried About Hair Transplant Results?

Hello, I've had a hair transplant early this year (January 2012) for 1700 grafts on my crown area (the method used was FUT). Before the procedure, I went in for free consultations and my crown area density was pretty much sparse (about 50-60% remaining, with the miniaturization process already starting to affect the remaining hairs). Well, it's now August, but I'm not seeing any improvements. I see wispy hairs on the transplant areas, but none seem to be thickened noticeably...

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Worried about hair transplant results

Now, seeing that this post was written 3 years ago, you will know exactly what you have gotten by looking in the mirror. You might look like one of my patients in the video below

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Follow up if you are concerned about growth

Follow up if you are concerned about growth. Not all the grafts will take. You won't really know until you see results in 6 to 12 months.

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Hair Transplant Results

Everyone is different, but it can take up to 18 months for the new hair to thicken and reach full maturity. However, in most cases, some new growth should be visible by 6 months. Since you’re seeing no improvement at this point I advise you to make a follow-up appointment with your surgeon.

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Hair transplant results @ 8 months.

Hair transplants grow at a rate of  1/4 inch per month or more so you should see more growth. I would return to the surgeon to see what the problem is.  This is one of many reasons why patients prefer the Fleming-Mayer  Flap over grafts. 

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No growth after hair transplant

I would suggest seeing your surgeon after 2 more months. Sometimes growth may be delayed for as long as 9 months. 


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