Worried About External Incision Area Around Nostrils Not Healing Properly? (photo)

I had a closed first time rhinoplasty. Had my nostrils narrowed for which my doctor removed the stitches after 7 days. It's been almost 4 weeks post-op now. Swelling has gone down and I can see the nice smaller shape of the nose, but the only area that concerns me is what you can see in the pictures. Does that look like normal healing? Also it may be hard to tell but on one side of the nostril it appears there's a tiny gap that seems to me should have been stitched to the nose.

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Worried About External Incision Area Around Nostrils Not Healing Properly?

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I see your issue. But I recommend to wait at least 3 months after surgery before having a revision of the scars. 

4 weeks after Alar Base Resection Scarring Issues in Rhinoplasty

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   At 4 weeks, these scars are usually almost imperceptible.  I would see your plastic surgeon to ask about what he or she would recommend, if anything, for the scars at this point.  Waiting is not unreasonable, but your plastic surgeon has a better idea of how you heal.

Healing alar

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It is hard to see the photos well because they appear dark on my computer.  Best to be seen by your doctor in person.

Post Weir and Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Dear Zaher, I would see your surgeon regarding your healing process as you do have some areas of concern. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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