Worried About Broken Capillaries After Fraxel?

I am on day 6 after fraxel and on I still have a red area of what appears to be broken blood vessels at the top of my nose. I also have a patch of scaly darker skin next to it. I had fraxel restore. Is this normal healing? The doctor said he did my entire nose at a high setting.

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That is part of the healing phase after Fraxel they should disappear fairly quickly.

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Facial blood vessels - capillaries can be treated with V-beam laser

I have never seen telangiectases, or facial capillary blood vessels, form after Fraxel laser resurfacing. If someone has a rare complication of a cold sore (fever blister) scabbing reaction after Fraxel, then there can be more blood vessels in the skin that create redness for some time afterwards, just as that which happens with cold sores without laser rejuvenation. Fraxel laser resurfacing is very safe and the complication of scabbing, erosions, raw wounds and scarring are extremely rare, but if any of these complications occur, then new blood vessels can occur. Sometimes, as sunspots that are brown, improve after the Fraxel, then underlying capillaries which were present prelaser, could become more obvious. These vessles can be treated well, usually, with a series of V-beam laser treatments.

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