Should I Be Worried About Breast Tissue Erosion?

I had saline above the muscle implants 2 months ago. Once the swelling went down, within 3 weeks, the top of one of the breast implants made a pleat making a visible point on the top of the breast. I called the surgeons nurse which she said it will take time for settling. I tried massaging it but the point comes back immediately. The only time it is not doing this is when I am in bed. Should I go see my surgeon or be more patient ?

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Saline implants above the muscle are prone to visible and palpable contour irregularities.

It sounds as though you are experiencing palpable contour irregularities that are often seen with saline implants are placed above the muscle. This can be sorted out specifically by your plastic surgeon.

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Skin erosion? No, its rippling

from your subglandular implant and your thin skin coverage.  You should ask your surgeon for options for managing this and consider what would work best for you.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Palpability of a subglandular implant is more likely than a skin erosion

Visibility and palpability are reasons that saline implants need to be placed in the submuscular position especially in a thin woman with not much soft tissue coverage.  If the implant pocket is not as wide as the implant it will cause a crease in the implant. This may be the cause of your fold.  When you change positions and lie in the bed it changes the dynamics of the saline filled implant and the crease goes away.  The best solution to this problem will be to change the location of the implant to the submuscular space and or consider the use of a gel filled implant.  Discuss your issues with your plastic surgeon and follow his advice.  It is highly unlikely that this crease could cause an erosion through the skin in the short term but over the years it can certainly happen. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast tissue thinning after augmentation

Breast tisssue thinning or "erosion" is a significant problem after augmentation with a very full implant and little tissue to cover the implant. Sometimes we call this show through as the implant ripples will easily show, and the implant can "glow" in bright light. If you see ripples so soon you might discuss submuscular placement of your implants for better cover and a more natural look.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Feeling saline implants

Saline implants placed above the muscle in thin women can easily be felt and seen. You might want to check with your plastic surgeon to see what his recommendation is. Under the muscle would give more coverage and less visibility. Also, dermal grafts or fat grafts could also be used to help fill the breast. Your surgeon can probably best discuss this with you.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Breast Implant Visibility after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I am sorry to hear about the concerns you have  after breast augmentation surgery. Based on your description, it sounds like you may be feeling/seen the breast implants. If this is the case, it is unlikely that the situation will improve with time. Given your concern, I would suggest that you follow-up with your plastic surgeon. It is possible that revisionary breast surgery involving changing the position of the breast implants to the sub muscular space and/or the use of a cellular dermal matrix may be helpful in the future.  You may find the attached link discussing these options helpful to you.

 Best wishes.

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Rippling after breast augmentation can be corrected.


I would not worry about erosion.  Rippling in this situation is pretty common.  If it still bothers you in a few months, Alloderm can help to correct it.. Also, silicone implants and placement under the muscle help.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Should I Be Worried About Breast Tissue Erosion?

     If you have visible rippling from the implant, the implant can be placed in a submuscular plane.   This will create more camouflage.   You could consider silicone or form stable implants as well.   This is speculation without pictures or an exam.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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