Painful, Swollen Breasts 1 Year Post-op

Im Really Worried About my Breast Implants. i had my implants done one year ago with no problems until now. i had them placed under my muscle. over the last four weeks ive experience very pain full breasts(in both)almost the same as when you are due for your period but alot! worse. they hurt all over they have swelled up and feel harder than they did my surgon is sure i have no scaring. they are even more uncomfortable at night and seem to swell more when im in bed they have woke me up several times

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Sudden swelling of breast 1 year after implant augmentation surgery

The sudden swelling and pain is concerning. This sounds hormonal and may be the first sign of pregnancy. Issues about early infection and capsular contracture should be evaluated.

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Swollen breasts

At one year out it is unusual to have these symptoms.  It soundd like you should follow closely with your doctor. Are you sure that you do not have an infection or a capsular contracture?

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