Post Breast Implant Revision: Breasts Now Look Uneven

At what point/time frame do I become concerned about the appearance of my breasts? I had a major revision with strattice for implants that had fallen into armpit. My boobs are now very different looking. Will they even out and improve? I went from over 400cc saline under muscle to 375 mentor silicone moderate plus under muscle. Worried.

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Post Breast Implant Revision: Breasts Now Look Uneven

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Thanks for being so kind to post a frontal view. Sorry to advise your revision needs a revision. Seek other opinions in person. This is my opinion based upon photo posted and limited medical history written. 

Breast Augmentation Revision?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Given that you underwent revisionary surgery is much too early  to evaluate the final results of surgery. You will find that the shape of the breasts will change as the position of the implants change. I would suggest that you evaluate the surgery results 6 months postop.

Best wishes.

Concerned after breast augmentation revision

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Dear Runnermomof3,

In my experience, gravity always wins.  Presence of steri strips suggests that you are only recently post op.  Voice your concerns, which if you only consider your appearance in the attached photos would be understandable, to your Plastic surgeon.  Immediately post op most any breast augmentation revision can look frightening for a few weeks.  You chose your Plastic surgeon because you had trust in him/her.  Keep the faith. 

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

You just had surgey and you need to wait

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If you surgeon had to use Strattice,then you had major problems with your breast . The pictures show that your implants are sitting high and not expanding into the breast tissue. Please keep talking to your surgeon and let him or her finish the job. You may need revision to lower the implants later.

Revision breast surgery asymmetry

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Revision breast surgery asymmetry is somewhat normal.  I tell all my patients that your breasts start out as sisters, and there is no way to make them twins.  Some asymmetry is to be expected.

You are fairly recent from your revision and so there may still be some swelling present, but it looks as if your surgeon not only closed off the lateral side with the Strattice, but also raised the fold a little.  That may settle down somewhat, but you may need to talk with your doctor in person about what he/she thinks you can expect.

Breast Surgery Revision

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Thanks for posting pictures.  It make giving advice much more helpful.  If you have before and after photos from your initial surgery, that would be helpful as well.  Also, more information is needed to give you advice, such as when the surgery was done, etc.  After any surgery, it takes several weeks to months for the implants to settle and the swelling to resolve.  If you have Strattice or other dermal matrix, the implants may not settle as usual, since the product is holding them in place.  My suggestion is to discuss your concerns with your surgeon so you both together can make a plan going forward.


Good Luck.

Breast revisoin surgery

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A few more details are needed, like when was the surgery performed to start with.  The implants look high but if it was done recently, they may descend more.

Breasts uneven following breast implant revision

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You do not mention how far out you are from the revision, but based on the presence of steri-strips over your incisions, I am guessing that you surgery was fairly recently.  What changes you can expect over time would depend upon exactly what your surgeon did during surgery, including where and how the Strattice was placed.  Close follow-up with your surgeon will allow you both to follow your appearance and determine when or if a revision may be required.

Good luck.

Revision of Breast Implants

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It generally takes several months before breasts obtain their shape after breast revision, so if you are beyond that time frame, you should continue discussing your appearance with your surgeon. You don't mention how far out you are, but from your picture, your implants appear to be sitting higher than they should be, which could be the result of one of many factors including the Strattice. If this persists, I'm sure your surgeon can help you attain a more satisfying appearance.

Derek Lou, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant revision

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We don't know how bad things looked before the revision so we can't say how much better the current result might actually be.  That being said though, there would ideally be better symmetry already than what you have, so some concern now is appropriate.  This is especially true if you have Strattice which has less tendency to stretch and relax than your own tissues would.

Also, once you have needed a major revision, the result will generally never be as good as if it went perfectly the first time so keep the expectations reasonable.

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