Worried About Blindness After Possible Nerve Damage Following Radiesse Injections?

Hi, I had radiesse injected into my cheeks a week ago. While I was having the procedure, which I have done before, I had serious pain after he injected one area of my cheeks and felt as if that area was on fire, I immediately thought of nerve damage. Since then I've had twitching in my eye on the same side and blurred vision in that eye. I was unaware of the possibility of blindness following radiesse and am now very worried. wondering if blindness would occur instantly or over time?pleasehelp

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Complications of Radiesse

Blindness after Radiesse injections is exceedingly rare. That being said, given your symptoms, I would recommend following up with your physician (who did the injections) immediately to evaluate you and likely reassure you. Enjoy your results!

Blindness after Radiesse is extremely rare.

Blindness after Radiesse is extremely rare given the thousands of injections done and occurs that day. So relax and don't worry--be happy.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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