I Am Worried and Waiting for a Biopsy on Lump on my Ear? (photo)

31 yrs, female, dark hair, lots of moles, skin rarely tans/often burns. Suffered sunburn in younger years and used sunbeds (reggretably) Waiting for shave biopsy on lump on ear (derm says poss bcc?) and have since noticed lump on forehead. Not feeling well since June, terrible lack of energy, lethargy, taste disturbances (everything tastes bitter) and swollen glands (doc says they feel swollen but they are not painful) Should I be worried this is SCC and may have spread?

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Biopsy results

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It is good that you went in to have the lesion biopsied.  While you wait for your results, try to stay calm.  If it is a BCC or SCC, these can be very treatable.  

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Worried and waiting for skin biopsy results

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First, try to remain calm. You did the right thing by having the site on your ear examined and biopsied. Show the new site to your doctor and determine if that should have a biopsy done as well. In the meantime, do not panic. As dermatologists we see SCCs and BCCs every single day, and almost all are completely treatable, some with very minor procedures, others a bit more excessive, but nothing that should get you overly upset.

Your other issues have absolutely nothing to do with any type of skin cancer, so you should consider seeing a GP for those, but no matter what your biopsies come back as, all of those things are unrelated to your skin.

With your history of burning and tanning, I would suggest, no matter what the sites come back as, that you do a minimum of yearly full body (and scalp) skin exams, and increase those to 2x per year if any site does come back with any form of malignancy.

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