I Am Worried About the Amount of "Drop" Post Breast Lift. (No Implant)

I had a breast lift under a month ago. I loved them as they were immediately after. High, firm, perky...Yes I know a lot of characterisitcs are due to swelling, but I actually liked them being that high. It hasnt even been a month and they have dropped significantly. Is this normal? Do they look about right? Will they continue to drop? And could the surgeon of shifted them higher so they would have settled higher? They just keep going lower. I am just nervous now.

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Drop after breast lift

You have a really nice result after your surgery. Your breasts have settled into an aesthetically pleasing shape. . You stated that you liked the look of your breasts as they were in the immediate post surgery stage. To achieve this appearance requires a combination of breast augmentation with implants and uplift surgery. You may need to go back to your surgeon to discuss the possibility of having breast implants.

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Breast lift changes post–op

Yes, what you are experiencing is normal after breast lifting surgery. Many patients, like yourself, appreciate the fullness they experience initially after breast lifting or breast reduction surgery. However, these effects are often short-lived as the breast tissue “settles” and to the breast skin envelope. Although there are techniques to suture breast tissue higher on the chest wall, these techniques are more complication prone generally speaking.

Often times, patients benefit from breast implants (preferably in the sub muscular position) to achieve the longer-term fullness they desire.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Dropping or relapse after breast lift

The amount of drop or relapse after a breast lift is dependent on the pattern used, and the durability of your skin and tissue. You photo shows an excellent result after a full 'T' style lift, the most stable of lift designs and I think you will look good for the long term.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Drop after breast lift worries

Immediately after a breast lift or breast lift with augmentation the central and upper breast always looks nice and full. Patients are often hopeful that this will persist forever. However, the breast envelope will stretch in response to the tightening and firmness created in the operating room. The degree of tissue stretch and relaxation of your tissues combined with the resolution of the swelling causes the central and upper breast contours to  appear like they are deflating. There is no way to avoid this and it is not within your control or that of your Plastic Surgeon!

You appear to have a very balanced and nice breast shape evolving that looks proportional and natural. If you were expecting a bulging and very full look to the upper breast (similar to that with a "push up bra") to persist then you need to adjust your expectations. This is a very difficult issue that all patients considering breast lift surgery need to understand and reconcile, even if they are hoping for more.

Allow your breasts to completely heal and then discuss the option of adding a modest sized implant if you really want more fullness and a more "artificial" breast shape. Of course you need to weigh this desire against the added costs and risks associated with breast implant surgery.

Dr. Mosher

Mathew C. Mosher, MD
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Lift and augment droopy breasts

Your result is fine but your complaint is a common complaint. That's why I now almost routinely do a fat transfer to the upper pole of the breast in my lifts. Its called a natural breast lift and has replaced my combined augmentation/mastopexy in fifty percent of all my patients requesting a lift alone.

Ayman Hakki, MD
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Mastopexy and bottoming out

After a breast lift it's common for the breast to be high. Depending on the type of  lift done the breast may even be shaped like a cone. When you're doing a mastopexy you do your best to create shape and cleavage. It may take 2 months or more all the swelling to resolve and the skin stretch and the breast to take there final shape.

The height of the breasts on the chest wall is determined by the presurgery inframammary fold. So if the fold is lower the breast will be lower and if the fold is higher the breast will be higher.

You are still healing so don't worry, the breasts always go down in the 1st month after a lift. Your probably getting close to your final shape and the breast will not go down any more.

Wendell Perry, MD
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