Workman Comp Nurse Said Can Not Get Rectus Diastasis from Fall? (photo)

Fell off a ladder and hit the concrete floor and my tummy hit a sink on the ground , 3 hours later this shows up. Dr said he cant tell if this is a hernia or rectus diastasis needs to do run a scope inside me and check it. Workman comp nurse said this is not from a fall never had till the day I fell.

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There are imaging studies that can be done and are non invasive which can give you a good idea about the problem

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Abdominal Bulge Following Blunt Force Trauma

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Typically rectus diastasis generally occurs following pregnancy and not following truama. Clearly there are other circumstances where is could occur, however, this type of trauma tends not to be one of them. I definately would follow up with a doctor and get the necessary referals for an imaging study to rule out a hematoma or possible abdominal hernia which could require surgical interventions.


I hope this helps you and good luck


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Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Workman Comp Nurse Said Can Not Get Rectus Diastasis from Fall

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Well she is right about what she said. I am having some trouble orienting these photos, but what I am seeing dose not look like a diastasis.

An imaging exam will make the diagnosis, possibly of hernia, or perhaps hematoma (blood collection). This diagnosis does not require an operative intervention (though treatment might). See your primary physician for a proper evaluation. 

Thanks, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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I'm sorry to hear about the trauma you have sustained.  Online consultants, however will not be of much service to you.  Direct physical examination and possible imaging studies will be necessary to make a good diagnosis and treatment plan.   You may want to consider 2nd opinion consultations with good clinicians in your area. I'm  confused by how a “scope” will help you;  I agree with my colleague that a CT or MRI scan of the abdominal wall may be more helpful.  Differential diagnosis would include hematoma ( accumulation of blood),  hernia… A CT scan of the abdominal wall will help differentiate these diagnoses.

 Best wishes.

Rectus diastasis after a fall

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Unfortunately, I do not see a way where a fall would call rectus diastasis.  With regards to the plan to place a scope to check, I would strongly recommend a ct scan first to look.  It may save you a surgery.

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