I Work on TV. Really Would Like a Pretty Smile, but Braces Aren't Really an Option. What Can I Do? (photo)

I have minor overcrowding on top & bottom, slight overbite, very small lower jaw, both have V arches. Weak lips. My teeth are tiny & flat because I grind them. My bite, obviously, is off. I was supposed to get orthognathic surgery at 16, but chickened out. They removed my braces after 7 months b/c they were apparently part of the surgery deal. I'm 29 now. I'm a TV presenter, braces aren't really an option. Unsure if invisalign would be effective. Is it too late for surgery?

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Orthodontics for adults in the public eye

Your problem is much more your bones than your teeth and surgery really is the only way to make a significant improvement.

If all you want is straight teeth with an uncorrected bite than Invisalign is great for you.  If you really want a full correction than surgery will also be needed and you certainly are not too old!  There are ways of minimizing the time in braces if you do surgery....Best bet is to talk to an orthodontist who is skilled in Invisalign, and dealing with surgical corrections

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