I Work As a Telemarketer Will I Be Able to Talk Consistently on the Phone 1 Week After a Chin Implant?

I am on the phone for a few hours a day I'd like to build the lower third of my face, and would like to have a chin implant and jaw implants to improve the angle of the jaw. I'll be taking one week off from work at that time but after the week will I be able to talk on the phone a few hours per day with the new implants or will this cause pain and discomfort?

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Chin and Jaw Angle Implants Can Be A Tough Recovery

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The combination of jaw angle implants with a chin implant is different than just a chin implant alone when it comes to recovery. Jaw angle implants cause a lot more swelling and tightness. It may be too optimistic with this triple combination jawline implant surgery to be back talking on the phone all day at work just one week after surgery. There is no harm is doing it but it may be more difficult than you think.

Chin and jaw implants

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Interesting question,


In general you would be able to perform these duties.  You may still be a bit tight and uncomfortable at that time but still functional.  It's important you ask your surgeon about this.  In my experience my patients still feel a tightness of the chin/jaw area after a chin implant within 7 to 10 days but after that it's smooth sailing.  You will still be a bit swollen after a week but not dramatically.  Having jaw implants does add to the down time, so you may want to add a few days off if possible.


Chase Lay MD

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Talking and a chin implant

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I cannot foresee any reason why you would not be able to talk normally one week after a chin implant; however, you should discuss this with your surgeon in case something out of the ordinary is being done. Good luck.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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