I Work As a Massage Practioner, Do 4 Hours 5 Days a Week, Will This Affect my Implants?

Also I have a certain amount of rippling, will my work agravate that? Id really like to know as II had implants 5 weeks ago and dont want to jepordise them. thanks. I dont have a phjoto, Im skinny, 5 ft 8inch measure 27 under my breast and was 30 over, had naturelle implants, 265

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Working as massage practitioner

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While most patients can resume work and exercise 5 weeks post surgery, each case is different. Request your surgeon to check you and to guide you as he/she knows the specifics of your case.

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Massage therapist--will work affect the implants?

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This far after surgery it is hard to imagine how doing your work will do anything harmful to your implants. Using your arms will actually "massage" your implants as you massage your clients, and most surgeons find this to be a positive. 

Do check with your own surgeon--we all have quirks about post-op care.

Best wishes.

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