I work in an office and I'm considering Breast augmentation. Would 4 days off be enough recovery time?

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Should be

5-7 days is usually advised for a desk job. Please ask your surgeon for their advice as they may have different guidelines.

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Time off of work after Augmentation

There are many factors that determine the recuperation after a breast augmentation. An augmentation above the muscle would make it very reasonable to return to work at 4 days. You are still going to have some pain, and certain movements are going to exacerbate that discomfort, but it is not likely to cause any harm.
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I work in an office and I'm considering Breast augmentation. Would 4 days off be enough recovery time?

   In a reasonable volume breast augmentation, 4 days is a reasonable amount of time before return to office work.

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You never want to put that kind of pressure on your self to recover!

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I work in an office and I'm considering Breast augmentation. Would 4 days off be enough recovery time?

Keep in mind that every patient has a different experience after breast augmentation surgery. Some patients are able to return to a desk job 4 days postoperatively; some patients benefit from 5 to 7 days off that type of work. Best wishes.

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Breast Augmentation

It really depends on a number of factors including the surgical technique and your pain tolerance.  I allow my patients to go to work after 4 days if they really have to, but generally recommend that they schedule a week off. You should discuss this with your PS.  I find that women that have had children have a lot less pain.  Women that haven't had children feel a bit more discomfort.  I suggest you read my FAQ section (link below).

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Recovery from Breast Augmentation

You should be able to return to your desk job within four days after surgery.  I would be more ruluctant to say that you could return to a job that involves lifting or straining in any way.  It is always wise to have a backup plan just in case you need a little more time.  Pain tolerance can vary greatly from patient to patient.

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Return to work after breast augmentation

Typically 3 days is adequate to returning back to desk work as long as there is no heavy lifting. Some patients may need more time and also depending on the specific job description. Discuss your specific situation with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Recovery Time Post Augmentation

Thank you for your question. 
The short answer to your question is yes. By four days post-op you should be able to return to an office/desk job. Use common sense i.e. if it hurts too much, don't do it and avoid straining/heavy lifting and you should be fine. 
I hope this helps.

Stephen M. Becker, MD
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4 days recovery probably enough--if your job isn't too strenuous or stressful!

Many surgeons will talk about their "overnight recovery" "quick lift" or similar catchy title to imply they have some "special" technique or skill that no one else has, all of which enables only THEIR patients to return to dinner and dancing the next day after breast augmentation. Some surgeons even encourage these activities as if to further emphasize just how "unique" their breast augmentation techniques are, and to equally encourage patients from everywhere to travel to this doctor for the "flash recovery" that will save them pain, time off work, and all those terrible things that the rest of the breast augmentation patient rabble have to endure from "lesser" surgeons! HA! LOL! ROFL!

There really IS something to careful surgery with precise technique that minimizes bleeding, bruising, capsular contracture as a result of these, and pain or re-operation as a result of all of these! But (unless it's not done by your chosen surgeon) this is nothing new! Choose a surgeon who follows these basic tissue-handling rules of precision and delicate care, and plan on 2 weeks of avoiding blood pressure or pulse elevation. Presumably, your job doesn't cause either of these, and your soreness will almost certainly be easily manageable with Tylenol only by 4 days post-op in most cases.

Sure, pole vaulting, tackle football, and trapeze sex will require waiting 4-6 weeks, but for the rest of us, everyday activities are usually quite easily accomplished within a few days after augmentation (by a careful and thoughtful ABPS-certified plastic surgeon who does lots of breast augmentations.) Click on the web reference link below for more information. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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