Wore my Garment 15 Hours After Lipo? Will This Greatly Reduce my Results?

I had lipo on my ankles, calves, above knees, and thighs. My doctor advised me to wear Jobst compression stockings and a compression garment over the stockings. My surgery ended at 1 am and I only put the garments on the next day, about 12 hours later. Will this greatly reduce my results??? I have been keeping it on religiously since then! My surgery was three days ago, would it be OK to shower now?

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Relationship of garmet to result of liposuction

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Applying the garmet twelve hours probably will not affect the outcome of your liposuction.  The garmet is usually applied immediately post-operatively and worn for 4-6 weeks, depending on the area suctioned.  The garmet provides compressoin, therefore decreases the risk of seromas, or fluid filled pockets forming.  Also, you may notice the edema localizing in the lower legs and ankles.  This is secondary to gravity.  One should elevate the legs as much as possible and continue the the garmet continuously x 4 weeks, with the addition of lymphatic massage in the lipo areas. 

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