How Can You Avoid Not Sitting for 2-3 Weeks Especially if You Have a Desk Job?

How can you avoid not sitting for 2-3 weeks especially if you have a desk job or a 4 hour flight homre

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Sitting after Butt Lift

This question is very common. Our patients are informed not to sit directly on the transferred fat for about 10-14 day to allow maximal survival. However, if you have a desk job, you may sit with the buttocks hanging out (basically sitting on your upper thighs and with a pillow). You have to get up more often to walk around. If you are flying, use a soft pillow and get up more and walk to avoid blood clots.

In terms of excuses when your coworkers ask you, many of my patients will say 1) "I fell and hurt my tail bone" 2) "I had hemorrhoid surgery"  3) "I had female surgery" or 4) "I had a butt lift"


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Sitting after a buttock lift

Different surgeons have different lengths of time that they request that you not sit after a buttock lift.  I typically request 10 days primarily because it is uncomfortable for the patient.  During this time I recommend that you place your computer on a countertop that you can stand at so that you can resume work sooner.  


During your long flight home it is important that you get up and walk frequently to avoid blood clots developing in your legs.  Good luck.

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Sit After a Thigh/ Buttox Lift??

 Thank you for the great question. Yes, you can sit after a Thigh/ Buttox Lift but, you probably won’t want to do it. Our patients are taught how to sit side saddle on a chair with the buttox slightly hanging over the back edge. Most patients prefer to lay on their tummies or sides for the first several weeks after surgery.

 We discourage long travel after such a procedure for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes with air travel of long duration prevention of DVT/ PE can be required. May I suggest you address your questions with your surgeon. Best,



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Post-Op Regimen

Dear Yolanda,


If your surgeon absolutely requires this, they should be able to provide you with some suggestions.  There are special cushions that can be customized to reduce pressure on your buttocks.  The other option is to postpone your surgery until you can accommodate your surgeon's post-op regimen.  I don't usually require patients to avoid sitting for a whole 2-3 weeks.  I would also suggest getting up frequently during your flight and walking around.  Your surgeon is the best person to discuss this with.



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Post Butt Lift - How to Manage Sitting

Thank you for your question. Many of our patients get high desks to avoid having to sit down, and stand. They actually do like the adjustment, and feel less tired at work. I hope this helps.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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Not Sitting after Brazilian Buttlift

    I have performed hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts.  I liposuction 5 liters and transfer 1200 cc to 1500 cc per buttock.  I have found that I have at least 70% survival at one year.  I use a modified protocol.   Sleep on your stomach for 6 weeks.  When you are sitting at the office get up every 30 minutes to take pressure off of the fat for a few seconds.  This is both functional for the job and effective for preventing pressure necrosis.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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