Concurrent septoplasty/ valve collapse surgery. What techniques are used for the operation?

During a surgery that addresses a deviated septum and bilateral nasal valve collapse+ flimsy nostrils, what techniques are used for the operation? Some people have told me that nasal valve work is risky and not typically effective, as if the technology hasn't advanced yet. Is this true? I want to be sure I am undergoing a procedure that doesn't require revision.

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Repair Nasal Valve Collapse Terms and Procedures

The procedure to repair collapse of the nasal valves involves the surgical placement of cartilage grafts to the nose, harvested from the patients own septum at the time of the septoplasty. In an expert surgeons hands, the techniques for nasal valve correction are very safe and effective. Some techniques require an open approach, while external cases can often be performed closed or endonasal. Flimsy nostrils typically involve the external nasal valve, while a narrow or concave middle nasal dorsum typically involves the internal nasal valve. Sometimes one set or both sets of valves require surgery, depending in the patient's anatomical findings. Sometimes when both valves on the same side are involved, the term lateral wall insufficiency (LWI) is used to describe this situation. The procedural term for correction is called Repair Vestibular Stenosis with Cartilage Grafts. I am sharing these terms with you to help you in your research of this topic. In my practice I have found that for the appropriate patient, repair of the nasal valves offers great benefit and little significant risk. Hope this information helps. 

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The surgery is very sophisticated


Actually, the surgery for nasal valve obstruction is quite advanced. There are many techniques that can be used including adjusting the cartilage, adjusting the projection of the nose, adjusting the rotation of the nose, etc.  You'll need to go see an expert facial plastic surgeon for the best advice.

good luck!

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Concurrent septoplasty/ valve collapse surgery. What techniques are used for the operation?

A septoplasty is performed in the back of the nose when patients have blockage of airflow from a deviated Nasal septum. Valve collapse surgery usually involves placement of spreader grafts on either one side or both sides depending upon the severity of the issue. The spreader grafts can be harvested from the septal cartilage itself at the same time as the septoplasty procedure. For more information and many examples, please see the link and the video below

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