Is it possible to make the eye shape appear rounder (mainly the upper inner area)?

I heard fat transfer and grafting or fillers can help make the overall eye appear rounder in shape, but how is that possible? Would it actually be able to have that effect? Also, interestingly as I was a child my eyes were round, but now as an adult my eyes appear more thin, flatter and slanted. What are the options? And by the way, my eyes are quite raised on the outer corner of my eyes, but more narrow and slanted down in the inner corner area of my eyes.

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Changing the shape of the eyes

Yes - the shape of the eye can be changed with surgical procedures to lift in specific areas and lower the lateral canthal area. I would avoid fillers in the eyelids - too risky. See an Oculoplastic surgeon or a surgeon who is very experienced with eyelid surgery - multiple opinions would be helpful. Best wishes.

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