Propecia Side Effects?

Propecia lowers DHT which is cause for balding. Isn't DHT also needed to get an erection? Is it possible to be on Propecia and get an erection? Will I have to use another drug on top of Propecia?

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Hair loss treatment with propecia and its side effects

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just like any other medication, propecia has some benefits for hair loss, but it also has many draw backs.  To find out about the list of sides effects, we always refer our clients to their website before using. 

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Propecia and Erections

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yes propecia has been reported to cause sexual changes in men, although I take this medication myself without problems.  I suggest you see an expert to discuss. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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DHT and Erections

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The block that is created by finasteride is only 70% effective. Erections are not DHT dependent. One of my recent patients actually had an increased sex drive and increased performance on finasteride. This, however, is not the usual comment. Only 2-4% of men taking this drug has problems

William Rassman, MD
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